Monday, December 20, 2004

So blankety blank in need of sugar I'm eating a Goddamn candycane

There was a lone rolo up here in my temp-receptionist space but the girl who relieved me for lunch must of eaten it. It's really hard to be cheery when you're going on four hours of sleep due to the fact that a) people can't friggin' drive when the weather is less than perfect and b) your team quite possibly blew their playoff chances last night so when you did sleep you had messed up football dreams.

I'm down to the handle part of the candy cane. I wonder if I put one end in my my mouth and let the other end go up my nose people would think twice about asking me questions I don't know the answer to. Well I would have minty mucus. mmm, minty mucus.

It's no longer up my nose since it's hard to answer the phone that way. Now I'm chewing it and the minty goodness is sticking to my fillings. I hope I don't end up yanking them out because I don't have any dental insurance. "Sorry mom I charged 689 dollars to your credit card cause i ate a stale candy cane and needed an emergency filling." But I guess if that happens I should put it on my credit card...screw it. It's the season of giving, and sheer stupidity should count for something.


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