Monday, November 15, 2004

Call me craisin

After a few days of rocking back and forth reciting the lyrics to "Don't worry be Happy" while clutching a bottle of Bourbon, I decided I should fixate on something other than the election. On most Friday nights, I take in an episode or two of Rachael Ray's 40 Dollars a Day. Keeper has gone off about her before (in fact she did about RR's new spectacle of a show - Inside Dish, in her previous post).

But last Thursday Twizfriend - Aleka and I wasted a full hour of our lives that we can never get back watching Rachael Ray's Thanksgiving in 60 minutes. First off, the woman has some sort of apple fetish, because she ruined perfectly good stuffing and green beans with them. But then she made this horrible looking pumpkin soup (eww) and put goddamn craisins in the middle of it. Craisins! Aleka was unfamiliar with the helacious little dried cranberries (why don't they just call them dried cranberries?) called craisins. So I spent the last few minutes of the show explaining them to her. I don't really have a problem with craisins I just don't like it when Ocean Spray decides to get fucking cute with their products by bastardizing the good name of raisins.

Anyway, for a shear spectacle of goofiness combined with one hot bitch check out any Rachael Ray show on Food Network. And just try to change the channel. I dare you!


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