Monday, September 27, 2004

A dirty shame I didn't see a different movie

On Saturday Keeper and I traveled not so far away from Twiz Mom's house to see the new John Waters film A Dirty Shame. Peter Travers, reviewer extraordinaire from Rolling Stone described it as "Wicked, kinky fun." Yeah, like watching old women shop for knee-highs is wicked kinky fun (although I'm sure there's some fetish for that). Now granted, I usually enjoy John Waters films, I have to be in the mood for them but when I am, I like them. And after spending Friday night and Saturday night at respective Twiz family households to celebrate Yom Kippur I was in the mood for some wicked, kinky fun.

I should have stayed home and watched ancient Newlywed Game episodes on GSN.

ADS was playing at the Senator which is one of my favorite movie houses to go to. The popcorn is still served in those oversized buckets and the crowd was chock-full o' homos and soccer moms which led to plenty of pre-show snark. Keeper noted that the shrunken looking woman behind us was probably going to be a loud laugher. Old Chinese proverb break -It's always the fucked up looking little ones who belly laugh the loudest- unknown

Overall there were some funny Balto-centric things like the DC Yuppies who move there for the kitsch value and Tracie Ullman picking up a water bottle with her cooter. That was worth a good $3.75 but for the remaining $4.25 I spent (actually Keeper spent) would have been better off with a pint.

For vintage fun Waters check out Female Trouble and Desperate Living (if you've ever wanted to see a 500 pound black woman get it on with a skinny white woman this is the film for you). Hairspray is his big mainstream film that's rather good. And for decent 90's Waters see Serial Mom and Pecker.


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