Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Big with Boobs

Sunday night Keeper and I ordered 13 Going on 30 on pay-per view. She had a free coupon for a movie and it was rightfully used on 13. It was a pretty forgettable movie but that Jennifer Garner is just so darn cute! I pointed out to Keeper that there hadn't been a Child-to-Adult body switching flick in a while but then she mentioned Freaky Friday. Ok, got me there.

And speaking of the genre, everyone knows that Big is its king but I'd like to give a shout-out to the irreverently sardonic Vice Verse. If ever you are in the mood to see the beginning of one career and end of another in one flick, check it out. VV features a star making performance by Mr. Fred Savage and pretty much spelled the end of Judd Reingold's career. (Minus the stint on Seinfeld as personal space invading guy). In a gut splitting turn of events, an uptight executive is transplanted into the body of his 13 year and son and... vice-verse. Will the 13 year old in his father's body, boff his Dad's girlfriend? Will the unathletic father screw-up at ice hockey? You just don't know! Plus there's plenty of "hey it's that guy" moments where you'll see an actor that you've seen in a million different things but have no idea what there name is. (do a shot for every "hey it's that guy.")

So yeah, 13 Going on 30 is cute but it's no cinematic triumph like Vice Verse.


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