Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No One Wants to See That

I’m trying to be good and go to the gym whenever possible after work. Unfortunately, my boss and some other coworkers go to the same gym. Now, usually I go and change in the locker rooms at work so I can avoid potentially seeing co-worker boobies. But this takes extra time and involves walking down a flight of stairs and I’m just really lazy and would rather get the whole gym thing over with so I can go home and watch gay TV (yes, LOGO is on my cable system) or kill a lot of people in Grand Theft Auto.

So yesterday I decided to just suck it up and change in the ladies locker room at the gym. My boss has been going religiously and I waited about 10 minutes after she left to avoid potentially seeing her goodies. But of course, the universe loves having a go at me and she was walking into the gym just as I got there. She didn’t see me so I contemplated hanging out in the alley that separates the gym and the gay bar next to it and count used condoms. But I decided to be brave and marched right into the locker room. I noticed my boss out of the corner of my eye but kept my head forward and changed at lightening speed. She must have been on the same page as me because she walked right past without saying hello.

I kind of wanted to make a joke to her about not wanting to see her lady business or anything but I thought it best if I just didn’t mention it.


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