Wednesday, March 23, 2005

7:38 AM obession

Every morning my alarm goes off at 7:10 which is really 7:02. Apparently I need to trick myself into believing that I’m sleeping later than I really am. I hit snooze and try and not wait until 7:20 (7:12) for it to go off again. After my shower I flip on CNN’s Headline News and make my breakfast. I can usually start eating by the time lead anchor, Robin Meade begins her run down of the day’s top stories.

But what I’m really waiting for is the financial news. Not that I really give two craps about financial matters but have made it my morning ritual to check out what Business maven, Carrie Lee is wearing. Her hair is a lot shorter now than in the CNN picture and she almost never wears skirts. For some reason her conservative, yet sporty wardrobe choices have me glued to HN every morning around 7:37 or 7:38. Maybe it’s the fact that you get the full scope of her body since she’s standing besides a brightly colored map of yesterday’s stock numbers. Maybe it is that she doesn’t wear skirts and still manages to look smashing and feminine. Maybe it’s just because she’s hot, albeit not my usual type.

Whatever it is thank you Ms. Lee for brightening my morning, giving me fashion ideas and occupying my eyes until I flip over to VH-1 classic.


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