Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So very, very good. So very, very bad.

Last week Keeper bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto - Vice City for her PC. (I have a Mac and Apple must be a pacifist company because you can't get GTA for it. suck.) I'd heard of the game and thought it would be fun to play for an hour or so. I got to Keeper's around seven on Friday night, was introduced to the game and the next thing I knew it was 11:30, Keeper was getting ready for bed, my dog was holding her legs together by the door and I was hooked. I vaguely remember Keeper going out to get food. Eating the food, possibly having a short conversation and that was about it.

Now if you're not familiar with the Grand Theft Auto line of games I can tell you they're the most violet, horrible, gory, souless, wonderfully awesome games ever! In Vice City (I assume the other games are similar) you're running around completing missions trying to find who stole your coke and money in a drug deal gone wrong. A whole city is your playing field and in the process you steal cars for transportation, beat the shit out of people (with bats, hammers, brass knuckles, chainsaws, guns, etc.) for money or for assignments, start union riots, and have sex with prostitutes (I haven't figured out how to do this yet.) And the best part is this one is set in the eighties so you're wearing suits with t-shirts, acid wash jeans and listening to 80's music whenever you steal a car.

I know this game is suppose to be marketing to adults so I'm trying not to think of the kids who probably can't get enough of it. I managed to curtail my playing time by Sunday, that and I think Keeper was getting ready to kung-foo my ass if I didn't get off the computer and let her check her email. But now I want more! I can't wait for weekends (that and I think I should leave the house on my days off.) So I'm allowing the teenage boy in me to purchase playstation 2 so I can pimp some ho's, and steal some cars after a hard days work. If you need me I'll be in front of my TV not answering the phone.


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