Friday, January 07, 2005

Tools of the Trade

Yesterday Keeper sent me this article about a guy who's already in line to buy Star Wars Episode 3-Revenge of the Sith tickets. My first reaction of course is that this guy needs to get a life. I mean we all love the holy trilogy. From whinny Luke, to Princess Leah's baffling British accent that suddenly goes away, to Fat X-Wing Fighter Pilot - it's us kids of the 70's and 80's childhood in three flicks. But this douche is waiting for the crappy third installment of the prequel? Something's wrong.

I however have a theory. Remember the tobacco farmer who blocked traffic for days in the middle of DC? It's totally the same guy. They both have beards, they both seem to be able to brave the elements, they both seem to not need a toilet and they're both complete tools!

Oh, oh! Or maybe it's the Fat X-Wing Guy back for revenge! He's pissed that they blew him up after he was on screen for like five seconds. He's all "Dammit, I won that role fair and square for being the best Scottie (over 300 lbs.) at the 1975 Yuma Star Trek Convention. I'm going to get my 15 minutes if it takes me 30 years!" That's so who it is! With my sleuthing skills, it's a wonder I don't work for the FBI people.


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