Friday, February 24, 2006

No awkward flirting before eight please

This morning I tuned into my usual Headline news so I can cram in what’s fucked up in the world in the time it takes me to eat a bowl of oatmeal. I generally zone out and occasionally flip to the local news channel about 7:38 because that’s when the weather comes on. After flipping back to Headline news, perky talking head anchor, Robin Meade announced that Shaun White, aka, the Flying Tomato was in the studio all morning. Then the camera showed dorky-perky Snowboarded gold medalist White giving the thumbs up sign while some tool danced around behind him. I thought this could be amusing so sat and sipped my tea while waiting for the commercial to end.

Meade interviewed White, asking the same questions every other interviewer might ask and he happily answered her. Then they switch to Financial Fox, Carrie Lee. So she goes on for awhile about what a great snowboarder he is and that she may be twice his age but she’s going snow boarding for the third time this weekend and can he give her any advice. That may sound normal, but it was this weirdo Harold and Maude – Mrs. Robinson moment. The best part was that White couldn’t hear what she said so Robin Meade had to repeat the whole thing, minus the flirting.

Also, it still creeps me out how much Shaun White looks like my Aunt Judy (on my dad’s side).


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