Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Two Conversations About "Riding the Bus With My Sister"

Scene: May 1, 2005, night of original airing, approximately 50 minutes into the movie. Twizler is feeling sick, and therefore unable to argue against the watching of this monstrosity of a movie. The snarkabilty of this movie is so high that I have been barely able to speak.

Keepergirl [finally breaking silence]: Twiz, you know what the best part of this movie is?
Twizler [wondering why she agreed to watch this movie while suffering a migraine]: What?
Keepergirl [couch dancing]: THERE IS OVER AN HOUR LEFT!
Twizler [wincing]: Kill me now.

Scene: Approximately two weeks later, during a visit with KeeperSister. I have saved the movie on my fake TiVO, so that I can re-watch and commit parts of it to memory. KeeperSister and I have just watched the entire movie, piece by piece, starting with me just "wanting to show her the first 10 minutes or so" just to give her an idea of how delightfully wretched it is, and her saying "just five more minutes" approximately 20 times.

Keepergirl [delighting in sisterly snark]: Don't you wish you had a retarded sister?
KeeperSister [without missing a beat]: I do have one. I just want a better one.
Keepergirl [sorry she didn't think of it first]: HAAAAA..... hey!


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