Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Price Most Certainly Is Right .... If You Know What I Mean, and I Think You Do

Have you ever noticed that Bob Barker seems pretty attached to that long, skinny microphone with the long cord attached? (I haven't watched The Price Is Right in a long time so I am assuming he still uses it and don't tell me if I am wrong because it ruins this entry.) Do you ever wonder if there's a reason he's so attached, like if he's trying to tell us all something as he grips it, ever so gently, betwixt his fingertips? Do you? Do you?

I'm thinking that if any of you ladies and gentlemen prefer the long and the slender and the tapered, you might want to give ole Bobby a call. I'm just saying.


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Twizler said...

Yeah that is quite a precarious microphone he's got. I always assumed he gave each contestant a super quick anal probe that they hardly even felt (long, skinny mike). Either that or he uses it to neutuer cats with.


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