Sunday, November 07, 2004

we're worried!

After the election fiasco of 2004 the Trash Talkin' Rodeo went dark because we were too depressed to do anything except eat ice cream and watch The Daily Show. (Help us, Obi-Wan Jon Stewart! You're our only hope!) We'll try to back with some funny if either of us gets off our Democrat butts and experiences some pop culture. But for now, we're worried about our friend and fellow trash-talker Jason of Pancake City. Pancake City was full of political knowledge and funny jokes that we could steal, but the site has been down for several days, and we're worried that Jason is in a cocoon somewhere, weeping quietly and writing obsessive letters to the aforementioned Jon Stewart. "Jason are you okay?/Are you okay, Jason?/ Jason, are you okay?/Are you okay, Jason?/You've been hit by/You've been struck by/A smooth Republican!"


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Twizler said...

Yeah, i was going to write something about rocking in a corner for the past week but you beat me to it. And Jason give us some sign you're ok. We needs some more political funny cause we just too depressed to bring it. Especially after just reading on Yahoo about Karl Rove talking about the need to push forward with the constitutional ban on gay marriage. Oy.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger king-yi said...

hey, now i have an account. and i didn't need one!

"king-yi" is the nickname my sister calls my sister. because, i have no idea. how's that for a mneumonic reminder?

i like Jason's posts. they keep me updated on politics, and they are rant-worthy.


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