Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Team America, Fuck Nah!

So I saw Team America: World Police this past weekend and I would really like to tell Trey Parker and Matt Stone that I am "very disappointed in you two young men." This movie was, in a word, boring.

I'm a pretty big fan of Parker and Stone's work. I enjoy South Park and thought the South Park movie was fucking brilliant. I've even seen Orgazmo for Christ's sake! I went into this movie with high expectations of laughing my ass off while the boys made fun of action movies, super-ultra-patriots, and America's current attitude towards "stomping out terrorism." Instead, the prevailing joke seemed to be: "Look how funny puppets are! When they look funny walking! And aren't puppets funny when they curse and puke! And puppets are funny when they have sex! In funny puppet-sex positions! Puppets! Are! Funny!" And after about 10 minutes of this, puppets really do cease to be funny. I wasn't even particularly amused at the great, big giant dump they attempted to make all over certain Hollywood stars who fancy themselves as great political forces. For one thing, it wasn't funny. And for another, in today's society, more people recognize those Hollywood stars far more often than the great political thinkers of our time, so why not make fun of that? Because if I want to make fun of Hollywood stars, I can do that at home for free.

I was also a little disturbed because there were four or five kids in the audience (one of whom was sitting right in front of me) who all appeared under the age of 12. They were all there with adults, but still. Why is it, that for many people, puppets (or cartoons)=kid friendly? I don't get it. There was a lot of violence. Sure, it was of the puppet variety, but does that make it any less disturbing, when you really think about it?

All in all, folks, my opinion is that Parker and Stone phoned this one it. Too bad. Right now there is so much going on that's just begging for a good skewering, and they dropped the kabob stick. I will give them props, though, because the best scene of the movie involved two cats, and everyone knows that I loves me some cats!


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