Monday, September 27, 2004

Be Ashamed! Be Very Ashamed!

My sister told me a story this morning about watching her cat puke up a live ant, and that's what A Dirty Shame is like -- somewhat compelling in the oddness and the grossness, but eventually boring after you've seen the cat cough it up 50 times. While I would be all fascinated and grossed-out over the ant the first few times, after awhile, I would get bored and wander off. The same goes for this movie ... I would have wandered off about 45 minutes into it, but I'd paid eight bucks and still had some popcorn left, so I felt compelled to stay. There are only so many sex jokes and after you've heard them, you'd better find some new ones or at least start showing the sex, but Waters did neither. Perhaps that was the point. The "sex-cult" in the movie was searching for a brand-new sex act, and maybe Waters' point was that there are no new sex acts just like he ran out of gross sex jokes. I dunno.

I mean, I know Waters is all about the gross-out humor and less about high-art, or, dare I say, PLOT. But he toys with us by hinting a little at the stuff that would really piss off some people, namely fashioning his sex-crazed cult after Jesus and the Apostles, but just when you think, "Hot damn! Won't this get Falwell's panties in a wad!" Waters pretty much drops the comparasion like frozen poop falling from a plane. And I'm not just creating a simile there, folks. Ew.

So I guess the point I'm trying to make (which has put on its ramblin' boots and rambled all over this page) is that Mr. Waters has either already climaxed when it comes to original gross-out humor, and all we are getting here is the stuff that ran down his thigh, OR he's getting softer and mellower as he gets older, and is backing away from the truly outrageous. I mean, in Pink Flamingos, Divine ate REAL poop. Here, some computer generated poop falls on someone's head. Moving in the wrong direction, don't you think?


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